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Are Search Engines Killing the Need for Memorable Domain Names ?

Posted on the 21 December 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

Are search engines killing the need for memorable domain names ?

Lindsay Gellman wrote an article for The Atlantic about domain names and them becoming less relevant in a world of superior search algorithms.

Gellman wrote, “the front lines in a decades-long battle for prime virtual real estate had shifted from domains to search rankings, social media, and mobile technologies.”

The author did go on to get quotes from the following industry participants.

Cyrus Namazi, the vice president of domain-name services and industry engagement at ICANN, acknowledged that demand for new top-level domains won’t eclipse that for legacies “any time soon.”

Richard Tindal from Donuts chimed in, new extensions have yet to reach a “tipping point of awareness,” he believes they will be “ubiquitous” within a few years as users realize the possibilities for customization and more firms adopt them.

Frank Schilling relayed the following, “the extensions are ripe for new brands looking to secure short, memorable custom email addresses. An unwieldy domain that fares well in search rankings might still be burdensome to type out when addressing an email.”

No surprise that a search analytics CEO, Kevin Rowe, said the following, “Domain is less important now than it was ten years ago.”

What I believe the author overlooks is the fact that domain names equate to individual freedom, they are the thing you have the most control over, you pick the name, you pick who you do business with for your registrations. You do not have freedom when you use other services such as social media.

While I am a proponent of social media, they are a spoke in the wheel that is your domain name. We have written about Google wiping out a decade old blog, social media accounts closed, social networks that faded away, did you make a fortune on Vine three years ago ? You won’t be in 2017.

Search algorithms have proven time and again to change with no understanding as to why. Google changes their ranking factors the way a teenager changes their fashion preferences.

Domains make communication easy at a party, a conference, a dinner. No one says, “Google me, my SEO people are now doing a great job and we rank 8th for domain names. People relate to easy and memorable, in a world of ADHD, domains still matter.

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