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Are Satanists Responsible for Horse Mutilations? Probably Not, Actually

Posted on the 13 January 2012 by Periscope @periscopepost
Are Satanists responsible for horse mutilations? Probably not, actually

Some horses. Running from Satanists. Maybe. Photocredit:

A two-and-a-half year old horse, Erik, was found dead and horrifically mutilated,with severe injuries to its head and body, in a field in Cornwall, this week, just days after another horse was similarly mutilated. Could these horrific crimes be the work of Satan-worshippers?

Police have warned horse owners in the area to watch out, and are investigating Erik’s killing. According to Crimestoppers, the animal had “its genitalia cut off, its eye cut out and teeth removed.” TNT Magazine said that it was also thought that a Taser was used to stun the animal. His death follows an attack on Barney, a pony in Carmarthenshire, on January 5, in which the animal received similar injuries – although, according to Atlantic FM, RSPCA officers investigating have found no links between the two and say the animal died of natural causes.

The attack on Erik happened some time between Sunday 8 January and midday on the 9. Cornwall Community News was quick to point out that this is after St Winebald’s Day – apparently a significant day in the Satanic calendar – prompting fears that the attack might be ritualistic. Police are pursuing this idea, but Chris Trickland, an officer from Devon and Cornwall Police, said that this was not the only line of inquiry.  Rewards of £5,000 have been offered to help track the killer, reported Horse and Hound.

“It’s a poor defenceless animal and it’s a sick crime. I hope they get caught,” said horse lover Graham Rickard, quoted on the BBC.

What would a witch do? Well, The Daily Mail reported that St Winebald’s Day (January 7) is, according to Satanic websites, a date for “‘blood rituals, dismemberment, animal and human sacrifice.’” There was also a full moon.  It’s most likely nonsense, though: “A true witch would never harm a person or animal,” someone claiming to be a witch told The Sun. The paper also noted that the next date on the Satanic calendar, January 17, is the day for “sexual rituals”.

What’s really going on. Thank heavens for the blog Ministry of Truth, which looked into the background of the story, saying that horse mutilation is, “sadly – far from uncommon.” There were 160 incidents in the UK between 1983 and 1993. Convictions are rare, though. The blog hadn’t been able “to find any records of verified cases of occult ritual mutilations.” In fact, such case often turn out to be “the work of other animals.” He also debunked Cornwall Community News’ sensationalist reporting of the story under the headline “You Sick Freak!” He also points out that the “Satanic” version of St Winebald’s day is a fabrication created by fundamentalist Christian “witch-hunters”. There is absolutely no evidence that St Winebald’s day has been “adopted” by Satanists – the ritual calendars are “outright fakes”. Even, he continued, the “David Icke forums” were eschewing Satanic involvement until Cornwall Community News got involved. It’s more possible that Erik was stolen, and a “dead ringer” put in his place – mutilated to throw police off the scent.

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