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Are Gunloons Winning?

Posted on the 18 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
Are Gunloons Winning?Gunloons like to claim they're winning on the issue of gun policy.   Andy Johnston, Jonathan Clark Sullivan, Mike Walther, Keith Milligan, Roy Kubicek, Jay Grazio and the usual cast of losers, mouthbreathers, and the terminally stoopid have all written posts and comments to the effect that they have "won" the gun issue.
Well, let's look at this, shall we?
If, as claimed, the gun issue has been "won," why do gunloons feel the need to spend virtually all their time writing blog posts attacking those they disagree with?  Why do they post anonymous comments anywhere and everywhere with their views on gunloonery?
There are two distinct--but similar--answers to these questions.  Both are quite possible.  The first answer may be: they have to idea what "winning" means.  This is highly likely.  After all, "winning" is a concept gunloons may have never experienced.  Gunloona are gunloons precisely because they are losers; they've lost in the professional careers and in their social lives.
The second answer is apparent because it's solidly grounded in fact.  That is, they aren't winning.  Consider the evidence.  They spent $40M to defeat Barack Obama in 2008 because he's black supposedly the worst gungrabber in history.  They lost big time.  And, in 2012, they'll lose again because as it stands today, their champion will be Donald Trump (apparently Spongebob Squarepants had a previous commitment).  Chuckle.  Other facts: most NRA members don't agree with most of the stances of the NRA.  Still more facts: the Heller decision said gun control, including registration, was perfectly Constitutional.

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