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Are Gantz-Lapid Really Worthy of Replacing Netanyahu?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
There is a lot of criticism coming from the "right" against Lapid and Gantz (new party Blue and White) saying they don't have the experience necessary, they are Leftists, they are not qualified, and whatnot, to replace Benjamin Netanyahu and lead Israel, especially at such a crucial time.
There is definitely a lot of truth to that. Benny Gantz has no government experience and probably has no idea (more than the average Israeli) how the ministries interact, how laws are passed, how to interact with foreign interests and entities, he expresses no plans or ideologies, etc. Yair Lapid was a failed Minister of Finance and as an MK in the Opposition he did not stand out, to be generous - he hardly even showed up to work. Can Israel really afford a prime minister of two who will be learning everything from scratch while on the job? I don't know.
The thing is, for anybody who feels that we need to get rid of Benjamin Netanyahu, this seems to be the only feasible way at this time. There does not seem to be anybody else right now capable of unseating Netanyahu. If Lapid and Gantz do, it seems that chances are high that we will be back at early elections again at some point in the not too distant future. And that is not so bad. We have survived bad prime ministers in the past, and hopefully we'll survive them again int he future. But, if you feel this is the only way to push Netanyahu out of the picture, this is the way to do it, and then in a couple of years we replace these guys with someone hopefully more qualified and experienced.
The question is, how many people feel the most important thing right now is just to get rid of Netanyahu and even Gantz-Lapid is a reasonable enough risk...
One other point, I am somewhat enjoying seeing all the people who have spent the past 4 or 9 years bellyaching about Netanyahu not being right wing enough, implementing the Left's policies, worried about his own seat, and all the regular complaints about him, suddenly defending him and saying there is nobody else experienced enough to take over, everyone else is too Left and only Netanyahu is Right, etc.... I guess people do not want anyone new to complain about and want to just keep complaining about Netanyahu...
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