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Are Donald Trump and Joe Biden Getting Enough Sleep at Night?

By Richard Morse @insidebedroom

Are Donald Trump And Joe Biden getting Enough Sleep At Night? Does Donald Trump have a genuine right to refer to Joe Biden as "Sleepy Joe?" These are genuine questions to ask, even now. Lack of sleep can lead to poor decision-making, and those who fail to make sure that they are sleeping well will likely not be at the top of their game! This issue goes a lot farther than the election itself: it is likely to impinge on the president's performance post-election. If poor sleep leads to diminished performance, then it will be important that the winning candidate overcomes his poor sleep habits.

Are Donald Trump and Joe Biden Getting Enough Sleep at Night?

Science Direct has published a study that relates Trump's performance to his use of social media late at night and after midnight. An example of the findings is that he appears to be "angrier" following a late night and reduced performance is another consequence of a late night going into the early hours of the morning. Not only has that, but the interaction of followers with late night tweets dropped off significantly.

The CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has stated that adults over 65 years old should try to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night. Donald Trump has previously claimed that he gets around 4 hours. If he is being truthful, then experts have stated that this is insufficient with potentially serious consequences. Sleep deprivation is well known to reduce performance, impair self-control, and result in any of several other neurobehavioral outcomes, irrespective of the subject's age. Among these consequences are a reduction in memory, poorer cognitive skills (e.g., lack of understanding,) increased risk of dementia, and impairment of other factors relating to the brain.

Donald Trump uses Twitter for significant periods to slate opponents and promotes his own policies. However, he also used this medium to comment on news stories, proliferate the main aspects of his campaign, and to attack political opponents. These tweets tend to become more aggressive as he sleeps less. Experts state that this approach could have negative side effects, which may have affected his re-election chances.

Donald Trump and Sleep Deprivation

It appears that Donald Trump's sleep habits have changed since his election four years ago. His sleeping hours seem to have progressively reduced since early in his presidency. It is well known that Donald Trump frequently uses Twitter, although it seems that his tweets after a late night have become angrier and his followers interact with his tweets less. Most of the timestamps for his use of Twitter (tweets and retweets) are late at night and early morning, and these can be used to assess when he sleeps and when he is awake.

Are Donald Trump and Joe Biden Getting Enough Sleep at Night?

Since he first took office, his bedtimes have become later. This was recently published in Economic Letters under the title " Later Bedtimes Predict President Trump's Performance." According to the study, the frequency of President Trump's Twitter use increased by 317% - 11 pm to 2.00 am use changed from just one day a week in 2017 to 3 days a week by 2020. Researchers figured that Donald Trump was getting less than an average of 6 hours of sleep over a 24 hour period. His doctor stated earlier this year that the president sleeps between 4 and 5 hours a night and that he does not need a lot of sleep. His angry morning tweets might suggest otherwise.

Facts Regarding Donald Trump's Performance and Health

The study above referred to the decline in President Trump's recent performance. Sleep deprivation may, for example, be the cause of his angry tweets and emoticons he has used recently. Earlier in his term, they were predominantly happy. His Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 30, which defines him as being clinically obese. Also, he is yet to be declared free of the risk of transferring the coronavirus. Specialists have stated, however, that he is at risk of a heart attack within the next 3-5 years unless he changes his lifestyle shortly.

What About Joe Biden?

So far we have focused on Donald Trump, but what about Joe Biden? According to his physician, Joe Biden suffers from several medical conditions including arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), gastroesophageal reflux disease, seasonal allergies, and a gastric reflux condition. He also suffered two brain aneurysms in the late 1980s, but these did no lasting damage. He, therefore, has some good reasons not to sleep. Other than the above, Joe Biden has no specific issues, although there are some other factors in play where his health and sleep habits are concerned.

Are Donald Trump and Joe Biden Getting Enough Sleep at Night?

Other factors which may affect his sleep is that he has never used any tobacco products. No cigarettes, no cigars, and no pipes. He does not drink alcohol, and, remarkably for his age, he works out for at least 5 days a week. There has been nothing significantly published regarding his sleep habits. This is surprising because sleep is an essential part of life, particularly for those who have such important jobs to do.

However, given his age and other data involved in those with the types of illness he has gone through, Biden might be facing some sleep issues. The stress and fatigue involved in a presidential campaign may be impacting on his sleep routine or sleep habits not to mention the quality of sleep he gets. He has not been found to have any issues with his quality of sleep, but there is no evidence available to show that it is or is not.


So are Joe Biden and Donald Trump getting enough sleep at night? Apparently, Donald Trump is not, while we are unsure about Joe Biden's sleeping habits. He appeared to be fresh enough on his campaign, while Donald Trump often appeared to be somewhat worn - his early-morning tweets tend to indicate that he is not. Did this affect his campaign?

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