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Are 4 Million Dollar Ads Worth It?

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Do you live for the Super Bowl commercials every year? It is one of the most watched events on television and advertisers spend the most money per second during the big game. Last year 111 million people tuned into the game. Imagine spending 4 million dollars for a 30 second spot? According to Chris McCloskey, a spokesman for NBC Sports, that is the cost of the most expensive ad. That is $750,000 per second!
Are 4 Million Dollar Ads Worth It? This year most of the Super Bowl commercials are being posted early on YouTube. Does that spoil the surprise and intrigue of them? The advertisers that are releasing teasers prior to the big game are doing it the right way.  It does create a buzz prior to the game and gives the ads more exposure as they are shared all over the internet with anticipation of the Super Bowl. They have come a long way since that first Super Bowl commercial in 1973 featuring Joe Namath for Noxzema. 

I just love the E-Trade baby commercials and look forward to them every year. You can't see enough of those cute talking babies! Of course it helps that our local team, the New England Patriots, are in the big game this year too. If you are a New York Giants fan, they are according to Mashable, one of the most social media savvy teams and you can follow many of their players on Twitter with a click of a button.
Are 4 Million Dollar Ads Worth It? You can take a sneak peek here if you like at some of the upcoming commercials for the Sunday night game. There is "Seinfeld" for Acura, the Audi "Vampire", Chevrolet "Happy Grad",  and Coca Cola "Giants Catch" to name a view of those released. Can they possibly sell enough Coca Cola to pay for the ads? Coca Cola sells more than 50 billion beverage servings of all types worldwide everyday and has over 500 brands!  

Do you like viewing the ads prior the big game and do you think 4 million dollar ads are worth it? 
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