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Archive of Sam Trammell’s Chat with Fans

Posted on the 03 August 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Archive of Sam Trammell’s Chat with FansTrue Blood’s Sam Trammell participated in a Live Chat on Monday August 1 at 2pm ET / 11 AM PT where he talked about his character and Episode 4.06 – “I Wish I Was the Moon,”.

Below is a small portion of that archived chat:

Chele’ Pitts-Walker
A:Sam Trammell - “I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much everyone for logging on. And thanks for being awesome, smart, sexy fans. We couldn’t do it without you!”


Q:Kelly Caudill - “Hey sam, what is your favorite thing about being on an HBO show? “
A:Sam Trammell - “First of all I love Sue Naegle and Michael Lombardo and Michael Hill and big boss Plepler–the executives at HBO–they’re unbelievably supportive and frankly, just fun to be around. They are ultimately the best thing (and the parties).”


Q:Mary Babilya - ”Are you ever gonna wear anything other than flannel shirts? “
A:Sam Trammell - “probably not. It seems to be that or nothing at all.”


Q:Sabrina Liotti “How is it to work with wolves?”
A:Sam Trammell - “They’re very skittish. No attention span whatsoever. I mean, they’re beautiful to look at. Just totally wild animals.”


Q:yypeb1 - ”Are you currently working on anything else other then true blood? Will you do any movies in the future?”
A:Sam Trammell - ”I’m just waiting on these babies right now . . . ”
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