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  • Scaffoldage


    image credit A scaffold is a temporary platform, either supported from below or suspended from above, on which workers sit or stand when performing tasks at... Read more

    The 06 August 2011 by   Gerard
  • I Have a Mad Crush on Josef Frank

    Have Crush Josef Frank

    Born in 1885, Frank, the Austrian born architect, artist and designer is to this day one of the most important designers. In his structural design work, he... Read more

    The 04 August 2011 by   Beachbungalow8
  • World's Narrowest House

    World's Narrowest House

    Polish architect Jakub Szczesny has designed a very narrow house in Warsaw, Poland. Located in an alleyway between two buildings, the house will have ladders... Read more

    The 03 August 2011 by   Gerard
  • Antonio Gaudi: Organic Architecture

    Antonio Gaudi: Organic Architecture

    Green building has several connotations such as being expensive, unattainable, and too modern in its styling. However, people having been incorporating “green”... Read more

    The 28 July 2011 by   2ndgreenrevolution
  • House of the Week 119: Containers of Hope

    House Week 119: Containers Hope

    Images ©Benjamin Garcia SaxeLocated outside San Jose, Costa Rica this 100 sqm residential project was the result of a close collaboration between the architect... Read more

    The 27 July 2011 by   Architechnophilia
  • 3rd Annual World's Ugliest Buildings List

    Annual World's Ugliest Buildings List

    image credit Virtual Tourist is a site where people can share travel advice and experiences. They announced their 3rd Annual World's Ugliest Buildings... Read more

    The 24 July 2011 by   Gerard
  • On the Boards: Aegean Breeze

    Boards: Aegean Breeze

    A master plan and concept design for a 37,000 m2 beachside resort in Alaçati, Turkey designed by Leo A Daly. The design, which includes Hotel lodging, a spa ... Read more

    The 21 July 2011 by   Architechnophilia
  • Facadism


    One of the more controversial issues in building conservation is facadism: the situation where a historic facade is preserved, but an entirely new structure is... Read more

    The 21 July 2011 by   Carolineld
  • Architecture: My Visit to Maison Louis Carré by Alvar Aalto

    Architecture: Visit Maison Louis Carré Alvar Aalto

    Dear friends, today I would like to tell you about my visit to the "Maison Louis Carré" designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in 1959 Bazoches sur Guyonne... Read more

    The 20 July 2011 by   Luciano
  • House of the Week 118: Small House

    House Week 118: Small

    Designed by New York based architects Cooper Joseph Studio, the Small House sits amongst an orchard of newly planted olive trees on a site overlooking the Dry... Read more

    The 13 July 2011 by   Architechnophilia