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Arab MK Bring Down the Israeli Government

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
It did not take long but a Member of Knesset from the United Arab List successfully brought down the Israeli government!
Well, sort of.
MK Sami Abu Shahada (UAL) has officially caught the Corona Virus.
After Abu Shahada tested positive he informed the powers that be, when trying to figure out with whom he has come into contact, that he has participated recently in many events, such as protests, condolence calls, meetings, family events, and his work in the Knesset which includes participation in Knesset committee meetings. Abu Shahada says he has been in contact with thousands of people recently.
"Thousands of people" (in a very short period of time) sounds like delusions of grandeur to me, but better safe than sorry.
While the authorities try to figure out who else needs to go into quarantine and where he really has been and with whom he has actually come into contact, all Knesset Committee meetings are being canceled, along with lots of other Knesset activities (though not all).
source: Walla News
It was not all that difficult but the UAL brought down the government!
More seriously, refuah shleima to MK Abu Shahada.
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