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Arab anti-Semitism

Posted on the 04 November 2013 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.
Arab anti-SemitismMany westerners, including very many western Jews, think that the source of the ongoing Arab-Muslim war against us is Jewish aggression.  They seem to believe that in daring to build a life for themselves after freedom from dhimmitude the Jews were unjust to their former oppressors.  This is false.  The real source of this never-ending Arab-Muslim aggression against the Jews is Koranically-based Muslim antipathy toward those who defied Mr. Muhammed.
Nothing suggests this more than the fact that so many of the local Arabs consider the Jews unclean and that our presence on the Temple Mount represents a defilement of a holy site... this despite the fact that the Temple Mount is, first and foremost, a Jewish holy site.  The reason that the Israeli government will not allow Jewish prayer there is because it riles up the Arabs - and the very last thing in this world that Israel wants to do is upset Arabs, for G-d's Sake.
The tidbit below was written by Y-Net:
During a stormy discussion in the Knesset's Interior Committee regarding Jewish prayer in the Temple Mount, MK Miri Regev (Likud) verbally clashed with MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List-Ta'al).
At the height of the argument, MK Tibi told Regev: "Because of your games in Al-Aqsa (Temple Mount), a third Intifada is about to break out. You're dangerous to yourself, to your children and to everyone. Stop playing with fire."...
MK Zahalka verbally attacked MK Zevulun Orlev, and called him a "fascist, racist, settler." MK Muhammad Baraka (Hadash) added that "he who desecrates Al-Aqsa will find us there."
This is not a religious question for me, but a question of Jewish national sovereignty that revolves around the very source of the conflict.  The local Arabs despise the Jewish people and polls show that majorities of them are just fine with the murder of random Jews.  The reason that they do not want us on the Temple Mount is because theocratically-based anti-Jewish bigotry is part of the DNA of Islam.
They sometimes even consider the Devil, himself, to be Jewish.
Until such a time as the greater Muslim world accepts Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land there can never be peace, but what we need to remind others of is that the Jews in that part of the world represent a tiny historically persecuted minority who want nothing so much as to be left the hell alone.  The Jews are like the Copts in the sense that they represent a persecuted people whose numbers have been kept artificially low due to the fact of religiously-based Arab-Muslim hatred toward the other.
The difference, of course, is that the Copts are entirely abandoned by everyone, including their own brothers and sisters within western Christendom, while the Jews organized themselves into a state that now has one of the most effective military forces in human history.  The Jews are not abandoned in that part of the world because we were never accepted to begin with, but the Christians used to be the majority throughout the Middle East prior to the Muslim invasion of the 7th century and now they are quickly becoming extinct.  The Muslims chased the Jews out of almost the entire Middle East following the Israeli War of Independence and now, since the so-called "Arab Spring," they are chasing the Christians out, as well.
The fact that Arab-Muslims generally oppose a Jewish presence on Judaism's holiest site clearly demonstrates the source of the conflict.  The problem was never that the Jews of the Middle East were aggressive or unjust toward their former masters, but that their former masters refused - and continue to refuse - the very notion of Jewish freedom on Jewish land and they do so for Koranically-based religious reasons.
What we need to do at this point is take off the hairshirt.
Jews around the world need to recognize that our ongoing persecution in the Middle East has nothing to do with social justice for the Arab majority in the region.  The Big Lie is that Israel is dominating and oppressing a helpless indigenous people.  This is false and until we change western perceptions of the Long Arab War against the Jews in the Middle East we will always be back on our heals.

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