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Aprons: Some Free Vintage Patterns

By Nancymccarroll
From The Sew Weekly, this week's theme is aprons.
As hard as it is to believe, there was once a time when women cooked in clothes that they didn't want to get dirty! Yes! It's true! And then the 1960s happened, clothing got a whole lot cheaper to make and buy and the idea of *not* wearing your party dress while you made some sort of gelatinous dish was born. While wearing an apron today has become more of a kitchy nod to the past, there has certainly been a resurgance of aprons as textile art.
Aprons: Some Free Vintage Patterns
Although I am not in that perfect age group to wear aprons, I still do it.
And IMHO, the perfect age group is either young (ages 4 to 29) or old (just a bit older than I!). 
Last week, I wore this apron to painting group, and got a funny look from a guy in an even older age group.  It probably is not attractive from the back view, if ya know what I mean, but it is very cute from the front:
Aprons: Some Free Vintage PatternsAprons: Some Free Vintage Patternspocket with embroidery, watercolor and crayon embellishment
A big lot of vintage FREE patterns for aprons can be accessed here.  Now go make one!

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