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April's Glossybox 'Spring Fever'

By Aworldfullofprettiness
Yesterday I received Birchbox, today I received Glossybox. When they arrive so close together it kinda highlights how greedy I am, then makes me feel guilty and my brain is telling me that I really should cancel one and save some money but dya know what? I've got used to my 2 little presents each month... cos lets face it, no one else buys me anything! (And yes, that goes for you Mike!) Er, Mikes' my boyfriend. I don't mention him too much on here, so just in case you were wondering ;-) Whilst I'm on that note, I'm half way through persuading him to film a Boyfriend Tag with me for the Tube. He still thinks Youtube is strange - not the site itself, but the fact that I sit there filming myself. I'd love to vlog our many adventures, but because he can't get his head around the whole thing, he acts a bit goofy on camera. By goofy I mean he feels silly, so nothing comes out natural. Also he secretly laughs at me when Im in public filming, which embarasses me and makes me not want to film anymore. So if you've ever watched any of my vlogs, you'll notice that I'm barely ever in them and all you can see is the 'scenery'. Meh. I reckon I'd make a good vlogger if someone was in it with me, instead of laughing by my side. Boys eh?
Wow, that was a tangent and half.
Glossybox - wow, what a month! Impressed is a little bit of an understatement. Which I'm glad, cos I was kinda disappointed with yesterdays Birchbox, so was hoping this was gonna be a good 'un, and it didn't disappoint. Not only is the variety amazing, but so too were the brands and the product sizes.
Seeing the likes of Essie, Illamasqua and Crabtree and Evelyn excited me muchly!
April's Glossybox 'Spring Fever'
Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy. I've not long used the Blue Orchid up in this range (correct me if I've got the name wrong!). Absolutely loved that, had a whiff of this and its just as good. I've really gotten into my handcreams these past 6+ months so the odd handcream here and there really does excite me. Don't overload me with them though, cos the novelty kinda wears off then...
Nip & Fab Dry Skin Fix Body Butter in 'Pistachio Sundae'. I think I have a couple of Nip & Fab products in my collection which I'm yet to use. I do have quite a few body butters building up too, but this scent excites me, if nothing else. It smells delish! I was thinking about taking this to Florida with me, but then thought well, if its body butter, I do tend to use it pretty much everywhere, so I can't see it lasting me 2 weeks. So, with that being said, I think I might give this a bash next, so keep your eyes peeled for a review!
Yves Rocher France 'So Elixir Purple' - 2 things with this. 1) The bottle.. oooo, the bottle! So ca-ute! Horay for something that isn't one of those tiny tiny sample perfumes that you get 2 squirts from and its gone. 2) The smell is actually quite nice. I can't say its something I'd rush out and get, but compared to the majority of perfume samples I receive, I feel this is more suited for my age bracket, shall we say!
Essie nail polish in 'Bikini so Teeny' - First ever Essie polish, whoop! Yeah ok, I'm late jumping on the band wagon, but when you get used to paying BarryM prices, £7.99 for a polish feels like your paying the earth. So of course I was ever so thankful for receivng this! Its a pretty baby blue with very very subtle flecks of glitter in. Although I do fear I have something very similar to this color in my collection, so I will have to go check! Either way, I now own an Essie polish, let me hear a whoop whoop!
Illamasqua 'Medium Pencil' - Bit of a bizarre name for a product, but there ya go. When I saw this, it excited me. When I read the packaging and couldn't distinguish what was inside, it excited me. When I opened it and saw the colour, it.... no, it didn't excite me. Its in the color 'Feisty', which, if you don't know, is a bright red with some pink undertones. A bright paintbox red to use on the 'eyes, lips, face and body' - what, a bright red sharp kohl pencil? Err, I don't think so. The only place I would wear this is on my lips, and even then, I don't feel its the right consistency to blend, if anything it could be used as a lip liner I suppose.. but 1) I barely ever use lip liners 2) It's rare that I wear a bright red lip and 3) The fact that it states it can be used on the body or eyes kinda... scares me? So unfortunately I think this will be going in my 'To Sell' eBay box.
I almost forgot to comment on the oh so pretty box - So far I've been quite lucky with the different box colours - the different varieties have all matched different rooms in my house (even though they aren't on show and are stuck in the cupboard in that particular room for storage instead) I am a bit OCD like that. But that, the prettiest out of them all, and it doesn't have a room that it belongs in! *sob* I actually think this is good enough to keep out 'on show' too - maybe used as some sort of storage stand? I'm not personally one for clutter but.. how could you not?!
Despite the last product, I'm still gonna give this months' box top marks, cos I was still 100% happy with the other products.
What did you think to this months box? Were you as impressed as me?! I've read a few that received Lipcote as opposed to Essie nail polish.. all I will say is owch. GB recently sent an email out stating about their 'star product' (being the essie polish), insinuating that we will all be receiving this. For then some 'subscribers' to have not received that is pretty harsh. Even harsher when you put a poor product in replace. Come on GB!
April's Glossybox 'Spring Fever'

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