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April Fools…?

By Jhouser123 @jhouser123

As if the internet needed more reasons to lie to our faces, today is April Fools day, and I must say it was just plain sad.  It should have seemed like just another day on the internet where half of what you read is false in the first place, but today was especially bad.  I didn’t even think about what day it was until I opened up my YouTube subscriptions and saw a post from SourceFed telling me that Grumpy Cat had died.  I cried a little bit, then looked at Grumpy Cat’s Facebook page and realized he was not dead, then realized how gullible I was, and proceeded to cry a little more.

There was so much out there today that could easily confuse the very stupid people that make up the population of the internet, but I must say there were some hilarious things to be found around the internet.  If you are still hung over from Easter celebrations (aka communion) then you might have actually believed everything you read on the internet all day.  Luckily I was offline for most of it, so I can say I was not tricked.

Here were some of my favorite pranks around the web today!

April Fools…?

American Eagle – Spray-on Skinny Jean

Apparently American Eagle started this campaign in mid-March but still, it fits as one of the funnier of the hoaxes leading up to April Fools day.  The spray-on skinny jeans in either Indigo or Bright Light brought thousands of viewers onto the site, and led to the disappointment of many when they were instantly sold out.  Truthfully, this almost seems like something AEO would try, so I feel like it was less of an April Fools day joke and more of a teaser for what is coming some day.


Scope – Bacon Flavored Mouthwash

Yes.  Just yes.  Everyone knows the internet loves bacon, and if you want something to be totally believable and drive people crazy, you tell them that a mouthwash that has the scent of bacon exists, and people will flock to it.  If you build it (out of bacon) they will come.   If this product were available I would buy it in a heartbeat, because what lady doesn’t love the smell of bacon on a man’s breath right?  Guys, if you believe that, it may be the reason you are single.  April Fools, girls don’t like guys who smell like what they ate for breakfast.

Check out their hilarious ad HERE!

Virgin Atlantic glass-bottomed plane

Virgin Atlantic – Glass-Bottomed Plane

Why do all these jokes have to bee so darn tempting! If you thought glass-bottomed boats were cool, the next big thing is flying while being able to stare beneath your feet.  Why not, right?  I feel like this would be a great idea!  Have you ever wondered what the world would look like from up there?  For those afraid of heights or airplanes, then I would suggest not using Virgin Atlantic any time after 2020…  Check out the full post HERE!

So really, I feel like companies just use today to tease people and make them think that really cool things still exist in the world.  If flying wasn’t cool enough, why not make it terrifying by adding a glass floor.  If you thought you had to put up with skinny jeans that clearly don’t fit your shape, just spray them on for that skin tight look without the pesky process of putting them on!

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to make an April Fools Day joke, but there is always next year right??  It will be amazing, so you should probably subscribe to my blog, or at least like the Facebook page for a chance to win free stuff!  Oh and follow me on Twitter, comment below, and come back next time!  Thank you all!

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