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Applied General Principles in Learning Russian Language

By Tlb

Various methods are applied when one is interested to learn Russian language. Of course, we cannot miss the option of letting learners learn Russian at language school. So far, this is the most recommended method because learners can assure of its quality and excellence. The only problem with it is that there is a tendency that learners would get too bored with the lessons because it is in a classroom setting, and there will be more possibilities to have tedious teachers. Not to mention the expenses a learner could spend for every language course. It will really require time, money, and effort when it comes to Russian language learning.

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There are also some who prefer to learn Russian online. The advantages of this method are that it is convenient and accessible anytime of the day. This type of learning method is for those learners who don’t want to get fast pace in learning the language. They take the learning gradual and easy, making it, instead, a way for learners to get too tedious again and eventually give up the learning. Nonetheless, this learning method is mostly free of charge; there are various searchable online learning courses available for free.

We can actually name lots of learning methods when someone is interested to learn language. But for those who prefer the simple ways of learning the methods, perhaps the general principles are suitable for you. Here are the lists according to Master Russian.

  • Start a separate notebook (or create a text file) to write out all the new words you plan to remember.
  • Try to write out the word along with the sentence containing it.
  • Learn most widely-used words first (those that can be found in 25,000 word dictionary).
  • Try to learn established word pairs. For example, memorize ‘an obstacle’ along with ‘to overcome’, ‘clothing’ along with ‘to wear’, etc.
  • Learn new words with their proper prepositions. Ex.: “по радио” (over the radio).
  • Review learned words in accordance with the plan rather than on a daily basis.

This learning is possibly best applicable when one is just starting with the learning. For those who are not taking learning so fast and that he really wants to start from the basics of all basics, I think it would be best to start your learning with this method. It would be a lot better if you have little background of what Russian is all about right? Think about it.

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