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Apple, Why? - Opinion

Posted on the 23 October 2012 by Spencerinc @spencerincorp

Again comes another apple press conference. Another must-watch event. Something that a year ago I would have been going crazy for. Something I would have happily cut my balls off and worn them as earmuffs to get a ticket for. Pilgrimage for Apple lovers the world over. The thing shrouded in tantalising speculation for months prior to its happening. But then something unforgivable happened.

What was this unforgivable that happened? What could it be? What? It was... iOS 6.

iOS 6 took that revolutionary company we all loved and made it into just another phone manufacturer. Another saddeningly average phone producer. This OS was, though, was not the end of it.

Next comes... the iPhone 5. Adding an exceedingly average 4 inch screen to a now exceedingly average phone and not much else. None of the specs that are more or less industry standard for a phone of this price. Sure a good camera and 4G are good but, its nothing ground breaking. And ground breaking is something we have come to expect from apple.

Now, we see Apple releasing a new iPad. Just seven months after the iPad 3. They talk about how they have 91% of tablet traffic sales but, for Apple to do this shows that they are scared. Scared of the Android and Microsoft tablet offerings. We have recently seen the stat of there being a billion Android phone activations, they lost their major law suit with Samsung and with windows announcing their tablets into the market this week they have reason to fear. Time will tell us if this is the beginning of the end for Apple but, until then we will just have to wait.

Jack Spencer

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Apple, why? - Opinion

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