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Apple Support Language for Siri News

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There are different ways to learn a new language. Language schools expectedly outfit their learners with excellent education by using excellent tools of teaching. But because of the advent of the digital world, language tools and applications are now accessible through computers and mobiles that have developed in greatest extent.

abroad languages: learn english with Siri


This trend of language learning proposes learners an extra cost to save, time, and effort compare to traveling abroad just to solely learn English at Language School in England, or any foreign languages at any international language schools.

From the latest language news, Apple Company has recently developed Siri application to support languages. By the way, what is Siri?

We apparently recognize how vast is the popularity and reputation of Apple Company in the whole world. “Siri” is Apple software which works as an application for iOS of the company. This software is also a knowledge navigator and the intelligent personal assistant of Apple. The application can help users find answers, able to perform actions, and create recommendations using the interface of the natural language users.

In connection to its new support to the language application, Siri is now sustaining 8 foreign lingoes that greatly support a number of dialects of every language.  The 8 languages include:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Japanese
  5. Spanish
  6. Italian
  7. Korean
  8. Chinese Mandarin

The increased support of Apple Company to multiple languages is an incredible sustenance of many aspirants, who only travel to the land of origin of their desired language simply to learn English at Language School, for instance, for accelerating and intensive programs.

Now the language team of Siri is expanding, since Apple yearns for Siri to be in numerous places as they can be. Thus, Apple Company is now searching for people who are fluent to speak the languages that Siri is already supporting. This chance would permit the Company to spread out their proficiency in such languages.

Siri of Apple has been developing in advance. Aside from distributing improved results with the existing various languages, let us look forward for additional languages to offer by Siri in 2013.

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