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Apple iPad 4 128GB Revealed

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by The_kian @the_kian
Hey Guys,
iPad release info as promised!
Apple has just announced an iPad 4 with Retina display (If you don't know, the retina is the thing in your eye that allows you to see, therefore everything is retina display, stupid name) model with  128GB storage.
The larger sized iPad follows rumours that Apple was getting ready to introduce a new model. The new iPad 4 128GB is now the iOS device with the largest amount of storage. Previous iPad models have only offered up to 64GB storage. To be honest, Micro SD support would be much more useful as it would give you more choice on how much data you have and you can transfer it to other devices.
The iPad 4 will be available in october and will cost £639 for the iPad 4 128GB WiFi model, or £739 for the WiFi with Cellular model, which allows internet access away from hotspots.
Here is a TechRadar Review!
I think it would be silly for the new iPhone's and iPod's to have this much storage space. It really does seem unnecessary  but this is coming from a guy with a 120GB micro SD card, so it really depends on the Apple fans.
It would be good to know what your opinion is on massive memory iPad's, do you think it's necessary and worth the cost? And do we really need that much memory on smaller devices such as iPhone's and iPod's? I would be great if I could see some comments that I could reply to. BYE!!!!

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