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Apple Inc. Registers Several New iSurvey Domain Names

Posted on the 03 September 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Apple Inc. may have something new to announce sometime soon? Maybe on September 9, 2015 at the Apple event we may hear a new “i” term, iSurvey?

Well the above is speculation but it’s backed up by some solid facts!

Apple Inc. has registered the domain names: and! They continued with protection domain registrations, and The domain names were registered at corporate brand protection domain name registrar

There is an app on iTunes by Contact Software Limited that holds the name iSurvey but I wasn’t able to find anything directly linked to Apple Inc. and “iSurvey” or “iSurveys”. So this makes me question, is this potentially something that may be announced on September 9, 2015 at the Apple event? More likely an app, than a physical product?

In general, Apple has not been using the “i” term as much (aka Apple Watch and not iWatch as many expected) as in the past, but that may change again with iSurvey?

Interesting to note: was once trademarked but is now abandoned, but the domain name is owned by a Survey Services according to whois records and has been registered since 1995. The domain name does not currently resolve.

There are several active trademarks for the term iSurvey. One owned by 1:1 Internet Service Solutions, LLC that potentially could cause issues for Apple, as the trademark relates to “surveys over the global computer network” if Apple potentially went that route. There are also two active trademarks for iSurvey by iSurvey AS relating to under water survey. is a fully developed business and offers “crowdsourced workforce and mobile data collection technology give businesses a new way to measure and improve their retail execution”

Apple has been pretty active in domain name registrations lately, compared to what they normally are. Yesterday I mentioned several new domain registrations by Apple Inc. with those domain names relating to the new News App by Apple, and several “News Publisher” relating domain names to the News App.

Only time will tell what iSurvey or iSurveys may be but they did register the domain names and this can be a clue.

Here is a whois record for the domain name showing ownership by Apple and the creation date:


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