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Apple Black Fungus Soup 苹果木耳汤

By Rumblingtummy @RumblingTummi
Black fungus has extremely good healing properties in the Traditional Medicine world.   It is cheap and has lots of health benefits.

There are three types of fungus that the Chinese will eat.  They are snow fungus 雪耳.  This, itself have two varieties, one for dessert and one for soup. And there are wood ear fungus 木耳 and cloud ear fungus云耳.  Wood ear fungus is bigger than the cloud ear fungus.  In terms of texture, cloud ear fungus is soft and is good for steaming, whereas the wood ear fungus, it has a crunch to it thus it is good in boiling soup and making cold appetizer.

With my dad and father in law having this heart issues, I think genetically, we are also affected by it.  So this will be our regular soup from now on.

My aunt recommend me to boil this soup, Apple Black Fungus Soup 苹果木耳汤 regularly for the family.  Black fugus is known to be able to improve blood circulation and it can also prevents blood clots and regulate lipids.  Regular intake of black fungus can also lower cholesterol.

I heard that drinking this for 20 plus days will prevent a patient from going through the ballooning procedures.  Not sure whether this is true but I guess not harm trying.

Apple Black Fungus Soup 苹果木耳汤
What you need:
Serve 4

40g wood ear fungus 木耳

3 red apples, skinned, remove core and pits
8 red dates, remove pits
400g lean pork, sliced
1 small slice dried orange peel
8 bowls water

Season to taste with soya sauce or salt


Soak dried black fungus and shred finely.
Peel off the skin of the apple and remove core and pits.
Remove the pits from the dates.
Slice lean pork.
Boil for 1.5 hours until it thickens.  
Try it.
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