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App Store Optimization (ASO): The Wonders Of A Great App Name

By Jsleigh14 @jsleigh14
App Store Optimization (ASO): The Wonders Of A Great App Name

ASO makes your app discoverable in the app store. For that to happen you need a unique and eye catchy name. That way you app will be highly valuable attracting a large number of potential users. Incredibly, they won't just click your page and leave but they will also download and install the app for further use. However, if your app is invisible that means it is lost within the app store thus cannot draw any potential user. In such a case, the other top apps in the app store will definitely absorb your potential users. Of course, that is not what you want. To avoid such problems, you should take your time when creating your app name; Behold are the benefits of a good app name;

Importance of a good app name

Like earlier long said, the app store is a market place that is quite crowded. As a result, it is quite troublesome for a user to find whatever they need. On the other hand, the developers face the challenge enhancing the discoverability of their apps. As a matter of fact, ASO plays a key role in regard to Users Acquisition.

The app name carries weight. Not to mention that the app name is simply the first impression potential users get after seeing your icon. The name can make them close the page and look for a better app. Alternatively, if the name is sweet and attractive, they will literally stay on the page and learn more about your app.

Below is a guide on how to make you app name great;
  • Your name should not exceed 50 characters; an app name should always remain short as possible and simple too. A long name may be quite complicated for the potential users to understand.
  • It should not be packed with the keywords; ensure that you add a keyword in your name but that does not mean you should pack it with keywords.
  • It should be great and sweet; customers will be filled with curiosity if they find a great app name. It will compel them to install your app.
  • The name should be relevant. Being irrelevant will actually chase all the potential users.

Finally App Store Optimization can be quite successful if only you consider making your name one of its kind.

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