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Antiques Dealing

Posted on the 05 April 2011 by Bgdn_adrian
Antiques dealingDescription: Antiquities are considered to be the best investment, because, unlike other objects, they increase their value over time. A collector would provide extremely large amounts of money on an object, knowing that in a few years, not only will they recover their investment, but will also make a profit. The rural areas abound in such objects waiting to be found and purchased. They can be antique furniture, various household items, books, letters, coins, bills, statuettes, potteryware, etc.
   The proposed business is the acquisition and direct sale of antiquities. We all know that all over the country you can find bargains, but it takes a trained eye to determine the exact value of the object. Resources needed: - availability to travel, negotiating techniques
   - documentation and knowledge in the field of antiquities
   - expenses for travel and purchase
   - relations with antique shops and / or collectors
Pros: - depending on your negotiating skills you can stumble upon true bargains
   - any purchased item will pay off in time
   - antiquities gain value over time
Cons: - lack of solid documentation can produce worthless acquisitions
Conclusions: An activity that can bring substantial income in your spare time. This  is always an activity that is worth a shot, although competition is high.

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