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Anticipating Alpine Adventures

By Xfranx

It’s that time of year again when I’m looking forward to heading off to The Alps for some skiing and probably a good deal of eating and drinking too. This year I’m excited to be returning to my happy place, Switzerland. Here’s what I’m looking forward too the most…


Anticipating Alpine Adventures

I’ve been mostly off cheese and dairy since the festive season… but it’s hard to say no to molten cheese in the mountains. Let the cheese coma commence!


Anticipating Alpine Adventures

A traditional Swiss Rösti is top of my list for lunch. It’s carb-a-licious, being made mostly from potatoes, it’s hearty and delicious too though and I can’t wait for my first plateful this year.

Gluhwein / Vin Chaud

Anticipating Alpine Adventures

Christmas may be over, but the hot spiced wine drinking doesn’t have to be. I actually feel like I didn’t drink enough mulled wine this Christmas (very poor effort!) – so I’ll be making up for lost time and enjoying a traditional Guhwein or two when I can.

Hot Chocolate

Anticipating Alpine Adventures
Anticipating Alpine Adventures

It just tastes better out in the cold, surrounded by snowy mountains. Comforting sweetness, the smell of cocoa and breathtaking views…a hot chocolate on the slopes is high on the list of simple pleasures on a ski holiday.



Possibly more French than Swiss, I’m not 100% sure on its origins but am sure it’s 100% divine. This cheesy, potato filled dish is pure heaven and I hope to tuck into some soon.

Who’s hungry? The cold conditions in England right now make all of the above dishes totally appropriate to enjoy at home too I think…


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