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Anti National Again

By Cifarshayar @cifarshayar
Anti National Again
Last year around this time of the year started the anti-national debate after an alleged anti India sloganeering in Jawahar Lal University campus. This time ABVP resorted to violence in Ramjas College of Delhi University when in an event they invited JNU student Umar Khalid who was accused of sedation in last year’s JNU row. ABVP student hurled stones at AISA and other students who were participating in the event. Delhi police instead of dispersing stone pelting ABVP students put off the event and asked them to run away. The incident again set the stage for anti national debate and it should be noted that Bihar assembly elections were taking place last year and UP elections now. 
Nobody knows what happens to last year’s allegations and arrests. They just became the tool of political gimmick and gave lots of ‘masala’ to prime time news channels who become judges themselves to hear the case and announce the punishment. Universities I think should be open for all kind of debates and discussions. Students should reserve right to condemn or critique different views but they must not curb any voices through threats and violence. What ABVP has done is nothing new in last three years since BJP is in government. They are disturbing universities decorum in Hyderabad, Bhopal, Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi (JNU & DU). 
The slogans are only raised and violence attempted only for a period of time and after that neither the ABVP nor the party leaders like Kirin Rijiju, Ravi Shankar Prasad, etc spoke over this issue. These incidents which are orchestrated for political motives are creating a rift in the society and decreasing the mutual trust between different people, who worship differently, think differently, eat differently or support different party or ideology. The nationalism they say belongs to whoever adhered to their ideology and identify with them and all other are traitors. They label them anti-national. 
They may gain political benefits from them but that will gave the idea of India a permanent injury which can’t be repaired. This modern day divide and rule will further give rise to the forces which once divided the nation into two parts pain of which has shattered many people for always. I appeal that think about the nation before thinking about your religion, region or ideology because that is what important for all of us. Till next post God Bless India. 

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