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Anthony Street, Easington Colliery. Arson?

By Richard Randall @aude11360

Yesterday evening at about 10.30pm I was awoken by sirens and flashing blue lights. I stuck my head out of the bedroom window, which is at the front of our house, and saw thick plumes of black smoke.
I hurriedly got dressed and went down stairs.
My wife was downstairs, and had also heard the commotion, she had looked out of the back door, and saw big plumes of smoke that were so dense she could hardly see the bottom of our road.
Anthony Street, Easington Colliery
I ventured down to the bottom of our street and watched while firemen tackled the blazing house at 1 Anthony Street.
Flames were shooting out of the top floor windows. A good number of our neighbours were out watching the disturbing incident.
The only good news is the fact that 1 Anthony Street is an unoccupied house.
Anthony Street, Easington Colliery
The house has not been secure since the middle of March of this year, with the back door open for all and sundry to enter.
A number of other local residents, and myself, have spoken to the council about this property, and also to our local councillors – but to no avail.
Our concerns have fallen of deaf ears. The result. Another burnt out house.
Anthony Street, Easington Colliery
Why our concerns have fallen on deaf ears, I have no idea.
This year alone there have been at least three house fires in the A and B streets of Easington Colliery. These acts of arson are seemingly being ignored by the authorities.
Along with the other concerned local residents I hope it won’t take someones death as a result of these arsons attacks, before the powers that be, take any action.
Anthony Street, Easington Colliery
Blog post by Richard Randall

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