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Answers to Thursday's Trivia

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Here are the answers to last Thursday's Trivia questions:
Can you name which social media site was first in 2002? Friendster - It was the first modern social network website. It is now a game social website. ( was the first type of social network in1997)
Answers to Thursday's Trivia Which social media sites launched in 2003? (2) MySpace and LinkedIn - Which are still around today.
Which social media website introduced IM? Twitter. 140 characters and no more.
When was Facebook introduced? In February 2004.
Answers to Thursday's Trivia When did Twitter arrive on the scene? March 2006.
Which was the first photo sharing website? Webshots, SmugMug, Yahoo! Photos and Flickr were among the first.
Do you know what percentage of time is now spent per day on social media? 22.7% - From June 2010 stats.
DvrDame, you were close!
Did anyone use Six Degrees when it was out in the 1990's?

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