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Answers for Jane

By Ballerinablogger
Hi there! I just found you blog online and I was really excited to see that people could contact you for questions and stuff...
So... I decided to ask some questions about going en pointe, first of all I am 13 years old I have 3 years of ballet experience take 2 classes a week, one advanced teen class (hour long) and a technique class (1 and a half hours). I can't wait to get en pointe but it seems like no one in the studio is on pointe except a few high-schoolers, but i know they have pointe classes, anyway I am very nervous about asking my teacher about going en pointe because I just don't want to hear I am not good enough (which i have heard a lot for example: softball, karate, swim team, jazz dance, band...) So I looked to ballet as my way to be really good at something, I stopped all other activities so I could focus on getting en pointe. Anyway... my questions are...
Am I taking enough classes?
Do I have enough experience?
What are some tips on asking a teacher?
What are some things you NEED to know when getting en pointe?
Moves to practice?
Things you need to be able to do before getting en pointe?
-Sorry about all the questions I'm just really anxious to get en pointe.
Oh P.S loved the photo gallery, really cool pictures!
Hi Jane!Alright, I definitely understand/empathize with your situation so I'm going to give you completely honest advice. Please know that this is based off of personal experience and I'm really just trying to help X) I would definitely suggest taking more classes. Two classes a week will make going en pointe much harder. I'd suggest 4-5 classes a week and if that isn't doable then at least three. Pointe isn't necessarily about experience, as long as your technique is where it should be to make going en pointe safe then it's perfectly okay. When asking your teacher about going en pointe just know that they're going to try to do what's best for you. If they don't feel that you're ready yet then (however hard it may be) it's best to trust their judgment. Well, you need to know the basics of the ballet technique. With three years of experience you know ballet steps, positions and basic corrections. All of this applies when en pointe times ten. Your knees must be even tighter and your toes pointed even harder. Relevee's. Do lots and lots of relevees but make sure you're doing them correctly. Your legs are turned out and your knees are straight and you're getting all the way up to pointe.There aren't any specific steps you need to be able to do in order to go on pointe but you need to be able to cleanly execute basic dance steps. The five positions, plies, relevees, tendus... Essentially a full barre.Haha no worries! I love answering questions like these. Going en pointe is extremely exciting, it's a big step in your ballet career and I wish you the best of luck! Break a leg!Ballerinablogger ~Hehe and thank you :)
If you have any questions or comments then please leave a comment below or e-mail me here! Thanks, followers and keep on dancing!

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