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ANP Hot News.....Around the Web

Posted on the 18 July 2015 by Susanduclos @SusanDuclos
By Susan Duclos
ANP Hot News.....Around the Web
Pioneer Warns Smart Computers Doom Mankind
Gawker Pulls Condé Nast CFO-Escort Story 

The Rise of Concealed Carry

Chattanooga Shooter Worked At Nuclear Power Plant
"Those In Power Will Risk War And Civil Unrest"

NY Coast Guard Bases On Lockdown

Conceal Carry Rates Growing Among Women, Blacks
China Increases Gold Holdings By 57% "In One Month"

Poll GOP: Trump 18%, Walker 15%, Bush 14%
Read Chattanooga Shooter’s Blog

Two Military Facilities Attacked, 4 Marines Dead

Rome On Verge Of Collapse, Leaders Warn

1.24 Million More Immigrants To Enter US In '15
Fed Ignores Congressional Subpoena
Contaminants In California Public-Water Supplies
Clueless Reporters Question President Pinocchio

Planned Parenthood's Bloody Business
The Deal Wasn't About Iran's Nukes
Violence Erupts In Greece "We Have Been Betrayed"
The Dawn of Iranian Empire
Ebola: 'Fear, Denial And Fatigue Fuelling Outbreak'

Reporters Laugh At Hillary's Robotic Answers
Trump's Popularity Spikes Among Republicans

The American Police State From A To Z
Teachers Revolt Over Union Hillary Endorsement
Israel And Saudi United over Iran Nuke Deal
NETANYAHU: 'Historic Mistake for World'
‘Smart Cities’ Will Know Everything About You
Jim Webb Confronts Leftists: ‘Not My Democratic Party’

"El Chapo" Threatens Donald Trump On Twitter

Granite Bay Neighborhood Overrun With Skunks 

MAG: The Earthquake That Will Devastate Seattle

BRICS Bank, AIIB To Break IMF, World Bank Monopoly

OPM Hack Unprecedented: 1.1 Million Fingerprints
Scott Walker Running For The White House

Greece Is Being Treated Like A Hostile Occupied State

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