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ANP Hot News.....Around the Web

Posted on the 08 April 2015 by Susanduclos @SusanDuclos
By Susan Duclos
ANP Hot News.....Around the Web
ISIS Launches English Radio
U.S. Secretly Tracked Billions Of Calls

Israel Applies To Join China-Backed AIIB Bank
Northcom: China’s Three Missile Submarines a ‘Concern’
NASA: We'll Find Alien Life In 10 - 20 Years
U.S. Accuses Russia Of Hacking White House

Will NATO Attack Russia?

EMP Threat: Sending America Back To The 1800s

Rand Paul: We Have Come To Take Our Country Back!

Washington DC Goes Dark
'Smart Meters' To Bust Water CA Water Abusers
Mysterious Blue Lights In Sky Puzzle CA Residents
ISIS Attacked By Skin Disease

Fukushima Radiation Reaches N American Shores

Long Showers To Be Heavily Fined In California
EXPERTS: Verifying Iran Deal Not Possible
Fleas Test Positive For Plague In AZ
Rihanna Declares: 'We Are The New America'
‘A Deal Is Being Made Between All The Central Banks’

NATO Is Building Up For War

Tech Titans Plan To Defy Death

Bloomberg ‘Considering’ Running For Mayor Of London
How Volcanoes Could Trigger A Year Without SUMMER
Rand Paul Lanches 2016 Presidential Campaign

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Said ‘Preparing For War’

What ARE The Russians Up To?
Massive Brawl In NY A Preview Of What's Coming?
Easter Egg Hunt Turns Into Chaos In California! 

Elite Say They Will Soon Defy Death

Feinstein Demands Internet Censorship Now!
Judge Jeanine Slams Obama On Iran Nuke Deal
France: The US Capitulated To Iranian Demands

Russian Ships In Old Arctic NATO Base Cause Alarm

Rift Grows in Democratic-Jewish Alliance

Vatican Exorcism Course Starts In April

Fed Cuts Growth Forecast to ZERO

Record 93,175,000 Americans Not in Work Force
CERN Restart Expected Over Easter

Russia Slams NATO: Unprecedented & Dangerous 

John Boehner: The ‘World is On Fire’

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