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Another Upstanding Gun Owner Goes Bad

Posted on the 07 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
Another Upstanding Gun Owner Goes Bad
via The Richmond Times Dispatch
A Chesterfield County mother who a judge earlier this year called a “danger to society” lost her appeal today of convictions of brandishing a gun in front of students at her daughter’s school bus stop in May.
After a two-hour trial in Chesterfield Circuit Court, Judge Harold W. Burgess Jr. convicted Shiquita D. Reed, 33, of two counts of brandishing a gun in front of two students while shouting profanity.
The judge then sentenced Reed, who authorities said had a history of disturbing, anti-social behavior, to two years in jail but suspended one year. He also confiscated her .40-caliber semiautomatic pistol, banned her from possessing a gun for five years and ordered her to be evaluated for mental health treatment.
Since there was no mention of charging her with illegal possession of the gun or for carrrying a concealed gun, are we to understand that she had a CCW license?
The students testified that after one of the students said, “Oh my gosh, she’s got a gun,” Reed immediately launched into a profanity-laden tirade, saying she had the right to carry the gun and threatened to beat up the girl who spoke out about the weapon. They said Reed slightly pulled up the gun but didn’t remove it from the holster.
We've been told before that criminals don't use holsters, so I guess this is another case of a concealed carry person going bad, or I guess we could say this is a case of a bad character who was allowed to own a gun and carry it legally.
What's your opinion?
What do you think about that five-year loss of gun rights? After multiple violent offenses and now a gun charge to boot, should this person ever be allowed to own a gun? You know my answer. She should have lost her Constitutional, god-given, natural human gun rights immediately after the first assault and battery conviction.
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