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Another Update on "Baby"!

By Everythinganimal
I was somewhat relieved when I read the most recent post regarding the "Baby" the poor abused Samoyed first exposed on one of my favorite blogs, "For the Love of the Dog".  It appears as though the efforts of all involved finally got the attention of the ASPCA.  As per Andrea's comment, and I quote:
"Author: Andrea
Well they certainly got the attention of ASPCA. Apparently they have re-opened the investigation and are monitoring Baby's veterinary care by her owners. But they are not giving details. You can follow the discussions at Justice for Baby facebook."  http://www.facebook.com/#!/justiceforbaby?sk=wall
I certainly want to thank everyone that signed petitions, made calls and generally spread the word about her.  It's efforts like this one that really can make a difference for these abused animals.  It also brings to light the fact that, although I do not believe the ASPCA or Humane Societies meant for this to happen, but, things do sometimes "slip through the cracks".  When this happens, and it will happen again, the ASPCA needs to accept it's mistakes and simply make the necessary changes to right that mistake!  It should not have to be said that steps need to be taken to ensure that these things do not happen in the first place!
Thanks again to everyone that contributed and we will do our best to keep you informed of any other events that require the need for a community such as this.
I am checking into the story of "Justice" to see if there are any updates there and I will make known any information that I find out there also.
Thanks to all,
Denise and Max 

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