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Another Racist Rant on Public Transportation in England

By Periscope @periscopepost

After the tram ranter, video appears of a woman hurling racist abuse on a London bus

London bus. Photo credit: Louisa Thomson,

We’ve had racist tram woman, racist train woman and racist Tube woman – now it’s time for racist bus woman. A new video has appeared on YouTube showing a woman hurling abuse at a male passenger on a London bus, liberally peppering her rant with strong swear words and racist comments.

Showing a tenuous grasp of both the English language and basic geography, the woman asks at one point whether he is “Afro-bian.” She then apparently attempts to kick the male passenger, but falls over backwards and rolls on the floor before popping up like a Weeble.

The footage is the latest in a series of videos that have appeared on YouTube showing women racially abusing fellow passengers on public transport. Tram ranter Emma West was arrested after shouting insults on a Croydon tram with a toddler on her knee.

See the racist bus rant footage. Warning: not safe for work.


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