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Another Mass Shooting, This One in New Mexico

Posted on the 25 January 2012 by Mikeb302000
Some of our gun nuts don't believe we should have any firearms restrictions.
Clearly we do need restrictions, and better enforcement to prevent prohibited individuals from getting armed, as shown by this example from the current news cycle.  We have too many guns, they are too easily available, and we should end our gun culture that glorifies violence and lethal weapons.
Because, clearly, while there is undoubtedly good in all human beings, it is not always the part of an individual human being that is in control of a dangerous lethal weapon.
Another Faux Nuissance report from the Murdoch Propaganda machine, by way of news:

Manhunt under way for landlord who allegedly killed tenants over rent money

A nationwide manhunt was under way Wednesday after cops said that a New Mexico landlord shot dead two of his tenants following an argument over rent money.An arrest warrant for Arthur "Arturo" Anaya of Santa Fe was issued on two counts of murder after Theresa Vigil, 51, and her daughter's boyfriend, 16-year-old Austin Urban, were shot dead Monday, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported.The two victims lived in a mobile home on Anaya's land in Santa Fe, along with Vigil's 17-year-old daughter Natalie, according to the newspaper.Anaya, 54, is accused of arguing with Vigil on the phone about rent she owed before walking to the mobile home armed with a handgun, the arrest warrant states.He then allegedly punched Vigil and her daughter in the face, before shooting Austin in the mouth. He then shot Vigil in the forehead, according to the police document.After the shooting, Anaya reportedly told Natalie to put the bodies of her mom and boyfriend in the trunk of her car and threatened to shoot her when she argued that they were still alive.Natalie eventually persuaded Anaya to let her take her mother to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Her boyfriend was reportedly left at the scene, and Anaya fled.Anaya, who previously was convicted of numerous crimes, including assault, false imprisonment and armed robbery, is described as having graying hair and brown eyes and is around 5-foot-6. It was not known if he remained in the Santa Fe area."He is considered to be armed and dangerous and violent, according to his prior criminal history," a statement from the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Department said.Newscore contributed to this report. 

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