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Another Mass Shooting in California

Posted on the 05 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
Was the gun or guns used by this shooter legal, or illegal?  It matters how this (alleged) shooter got the weapons, and if he should have been allowed to possess them in the first place.  If it were more difficult to obtain a firearm, there would be fewer people who had them.
The argument that criminalizing firearms translates into only criminals having them is not born out by the crime statistics in countries with more strict gun laws; CLEARLY it is possible to limit the guns in the hands of both criminals and unsafe legal owners.
I can only hope that the tolerance for these events will diminish, that we have not become numbed to their occurrence, but rather feel an increasing level of outrage sufficient to power our political will to make changes for the better, against single issue low information voters, and big-money lobbying, and corrupt politician buying.
From HuffPo and the AP:
There is an additional video for this story, if you follow the link.  For some reason that I don't fully understand, I'm having difficulties embedding video today (sigh).
By BROOKE DONALD 10/ 5/11 01:08 PM ET AP
Quarry Shooting: At Least 2 Dead, 4 Injured In Cupertino, California Attack (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Authorities are searching door to door with guns drawn in a neighborhood about 5 miles from the Northern California quarry where a gunman killed two and wounded six at a morning meeting.
The search in Sunnyvale was one of several under way Wednesday morning as authorities sought 45-year-old Shareef Allman, who they say opened fire around 4 a.m.
Allman also is suspected of wounding a woman in an attempted carjacking in Cupertino more than two hours later.
Cupertino schools are on lockdown or closed as the search continued.
Santa Clary County Sheriff's Lt. Rick Sung says Allman was at the routine safety meeting, became disgruntled and left. He says Allman then returned and started shooting people.
Authorities are still searching the quarry for possible victims or workers still in hiding.

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