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Another Jewish Jordan?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Yahoo News has the story of  Ryan Turell, an Orthodox Jew learning and studying in Yeshiva University. 
Turell also plays on the YU basketball team. And he is a star.Another Jewish Jordan?
Yahoo see him as possibly the next "Jewish Jordan". he also seems to be on track to be the first Orthodox Jewish player in the NBA down the road. They say he is that good. Check out the article for the details and descriptions.
First of all, I wish Ryan all the best and much success in his drive to the NBA. If he can make it that far, especially as an Orthodox Jew, more power to him.
Unfortunately I don't see it happening. Playing on Shabbos is too big a part in an NBA career. A star not play on Friday night or Saturday games? Unheard of. Amare Stoudamire recently succeeded in getting his team to let him not work on Shabbos, but he is no longer playing - he is some sort of bench coach, not a star player any longer. I just don't see how an NBA team, if he even gets that far, would allow a star player, or any player, to not play on Shabbos.
If he is really good enough to get to the NBA, it seems likely to me that somewhere along the way he will have to make a decision and give something up - either his NBA career or Shabbos observance. I hope he does figure out a way to make it work, but I see it as unlikely to happen.
Second, why does every Jewish kid good at playing basketball have to be dubbed a "Jewish Jordan"? Can't anyone come up with a new nickname? Maybe the Jewish Bryant or the Jewish Lebron? Maybe Rabbi Rebound or maybe something a little more creative. The Jewish Jordan name is so tired already.
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