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Another Colored Ink Drawing Made at Art Trail Weekend

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

In this drawing I began sketching in some shapes with a pale aqua, using Zigg double-tipped calligraphy pens.  Then I made some bold strokes with a deep orange.  I've always liked putting oranges and reds against greens, and that seemed to work well in this case.  I even added some lime green, a stronger aqua, and red.

I like the way this image flows from top left to bottom right.  It also has a strong center with greater detail.  The final lines were drawn with a Kohinoor fine point black pen. 

The good thing about lulls in art trail visitors is the time it gives me to make these drawings.  Typically I'm too busy painting to have time for this.

  2012 Abstract Drawing #24, 10.5" x 9" permanent inks on acid-free paper.

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