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Another Child Killed by a Dog

By Harry @web_pensioner
type102Lexi Branson age four was killed by the family pet dog while she sleep.Yet another persons life is taken by a dog, this follows two teenagers who were killed by dogs earlier this year.Yahoo News   Yahoo News


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More dog attacks

I cannot understand people bringing these dogs into a house were children are living, her mother tried to pull the dog off but had to stab the dog to free Lexi.

The Bulldog is not a banned breed but it should be, because this is not the first time this type of dog has attacked.

The youngest who died this year was, Harry Harper 8 days old attack by a Jack Russel.

The government has said they are going to tighten up the controls on dogs well it about time because we are waiting a long time.

A new law was just made, if someone is attacked  on or in the owners property they can be sent to jail and the dog put down, it brings it in line with attacks outside the home.

Its now time to stop the breeding of all banned dogs and prosecute anyone who doe’s.

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