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Another Chabad Booth Gets Closed Down

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Once again a Chabad tefillin-stand in a secular neighborhood has been dismantled and removed by local authorities.
It happened recently in Herzliya, and the mayor was "Jew-shamed" into condemning the removal and allowed them to put it back into action. Now it happened in Ramat Aviv Gimmel. City supervisors forced the closure of a tefillin-stand while the Chabadnik was putting tefillin on people. I don't know about the booth in Herzliya, but the one in Ramat Aviv has supposedly been active for upwards of 20 years and only now has been dismantled.
The argument offered is that it is incomprehensible that in the Jewish State, in the first Jewish city (i.e. Tel Aviv), they cannot operate something Jewish like helping people lay tefillin and hand out parsha sheets.
source: Actualic
I am obviously not against Chabad helping people put on tefillin, but I don't think the argument holds water. You can't just do anything you want anywhere you want just because you are doing something Jewish and are in the Jewish State. You want to put tefillin on people and don't want to pay the relevant fees for the necessary permits, do it without a booth. I see plenty of Chabadniks on the trains and walking around malls and wherever else without a booth and putting tefillin just fine on plenty of people. If you want a booth and want to put it in a place that doing so would require a permit, go get the permit. If it requires paying a fee, pay the fee or request an exemption from the fee based on being a non-profit or whatever. Or
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