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Another Awesome Use for Mentormob

By Mrsebiology @mrsebiology
Our middle school is in its second year of its 1:1 laptop initiative.  While I understand they had some infrastructure issues last year when they first rolled those laptops out, this year seems to have gone much more smoothly for them.  They are really doing a nice job of integrating technology in their classrooms, and below is an example from a science teacher's room:
Create your own Playlist on MentorMob! Students designed their own labs testing the effectiveness of various products, summarized the results on one slide, and then the teacher put all of their results together in a MentorMob playlist.  What a great idea for not only collecting and displaying student work in an electronic format, but also for allowing students to evaluate other students' work without the the fuss of emailing, scrolling up and down through Edmodo posts, or sharing documents.   After putting all of the student work in the playlist (which, if you know Mentormob, is pretty stinking easy), just shoot out the link to the playlist to students via email or an LMS, and students have multiple samples to evaluate and practice giving feedback.  And you don't have to use Mentormob if you don't want to-you can use any learning playlist tool out there (such as Blendspace).
Mentormob...not just for putting together lessons anymore.  Now you can put together an opportunity for students to practice some upper-level skills.

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