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Anonymous - Get That Suit On, Consumer - Play That Corporate Game.

Posted on the 25 July 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
whether I agree/disagree with the method of digital anarchy Anonymous uses, their latest broadcast manifesto WHAT IS THE PLAN? seems to be a heart-felt clarion-cry to all on what may one day become a FREE PLANET.

Free Planet Caveat, the detail of this PLAN still appears to have humans working to produce stuff to buy and sell, there are still countries governed by parliaments, there's still a financial market to corrupt again and again, still prisons to run, still arbitrary laws to uphold, people are probably still slaves to the dollar... remember, this is a HIVE MIND production.
What I'm saying is, while on the surface it reads like a step in the right direction it sounds a lot like NEW GUY SAME AS THE OLD GUY and this makes me wary of the Anonymous motive as prescribed by this PLAN video - there isn't that much CHAAANGE in this manifesto. And you NEVER KNOW if any anonymous claim-of-responsibility is legitimate, infiltration is rife in the cellular NEED TO KNOW world in which the Anonymous model was birthed.
FREE PLANET is the only logical evolution of leaderless resistance; working together to PROTECT THE INNOCENT from corporate abstraction, cellular chess game and invented moral frameworks in the name of profit.

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