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Annual Christmas-tree Slaughter

Posted on the 15 December 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
ANNUAL CHRISTMAS-TREE SLAUGHTERYou've all read my BAN FIREWORKS NIGHT blogpost, on the grounds of poisonous chemical pollution of our skies, and now it's time to take this 'common sense thinking' to the next level.
See this?
This is a Christmas Tree.
A fir or a pine, it doesn't matter which one you use to decorate for your living room. These trees are green all year round, they are important exhalers of oxygen that we animal/aquatic life breathes in, to survive...
Oh, the Coca Cola advert, where a Red Santa took over from the previous Green Satana, yeah buy more toxic tooth-rotting 'sodapop' that bloats you and contributes to the obesity mess we're in, as a race. Chomp more toxic ASPARTAME or NUTRA SWEET or whatever they try to rename this formaldehyde producer in your gut...
Can we not just start to Show Our Intelligence already? We're supposedly a superior race, we're supposedly a fore-brain-extended genius race, we're supposedly the Custodians of a Free Planet as laid down in almost every Major Religion. Well, let's start to REALLY USE that massive brain of ours to start to take ownership of all the planet, for all of mankind's benefit.
It's our fucking job to stop this senseless annual slaughter of the Christmas Tree. We need to teach our children that baubles and tinsel are just STUFF CONSUMERISM SELLS. We have to start teaching our children THE REAL VALUE OF TREES and why they're better alive, not clear cut or turned into pulp or burned for heat.
In summary: I'm still waiting for the PAPERLESS OFFICE promised in the 80's and being able to LIVE/WORK WHEREVER I WANT on this Free Planet, if that's my thaaang. Join my Global Petition to return mankind to the honourable status of Custodians of Free Planet. End this mindless zombification of our childrens children in the name of PROFIT.

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