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By Inordinatelyplush @inordinateplush
Inordinately Plush will be up and running regularly again within the very near future. I have not found something better to do, or gotten bored of blogging, or gotten bored of beauty for that matter, I have just genuinely had a lot on my plate recently.   I say this, but I actually have had the most boring summer of my life; I've been unemployed, I finished uni and I become BFF's with my Dad. I've had a major life-shift, so to speak, and it's been really weird adjusting to firstly becoming a non-student, secondly having no income -yes that's right, no more student loan- and thirdly having to get a real life job - dun dun dun.   We all know that beauty blogging is an expensive hobby in both a timely and a costly sense, and I have just not had the time, money or even inspiration to work on IP the past few months. It makes me sad that I have missed out on a lot over the summer and that I haven't been communicating with the lovely blogging community -I miss #bbloggers!!.   Without rambling too much I am going to keep this post short and sweet, and to anyone who reads it I would like to say this: I am still thinking about Inordinately Plush and am wanting to continue posting, but until the inspiration arrives then I cannot contribute to it. Afterall there is no use in posting if my heart is not in it and I think as bloggers we all know when a post has been rushed, or written half-a*sedly. I don't want anyone to read any of my posts and think this.   So basically, I will be back and if you have come across my blog as a new visitor then please visit back very soon and hopefully IP will be flourishing. In the mean time I am always on Twitter @inordinateplush tweeting about things no one cares about and posting photos of my face.   Lots of love.

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