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Anna Paquin Reveals How She Stays in Shape

Posted on the 16 November 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Anna Paquin Reveals How She Stays in ShapeTrue Blood’s star, Anna Paquin reveals how she stays in shape to

Anna, how do you stay so fit?
“I’m really careful about what I eat, and I work out a lot. It’s not like this body is an accident. No matter what your genetics, everyone can be out of shape. I live my life, but I’m careful to take care of myself.”

Working in Hollywood, do you ever feel like there is constant pressure put on you to look a certain way?
“Yes, obviously! People don’t have to tell you overtly that it’s betterfor you to be smaller. It’s one of those things that’s instilled in you and I do think that’s a shame.”

Describe your diet to us.
“It’s the ‘what-would-you-eat-if-you-were-being-photographed-in-a-bikini-tomorrow?’ diet. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, and I don’t eat a lot of dessert.”

How has your eating regime changed over the years?
“I’m getting better about taking care of myself without depriving myself. It’s about finding a balance and learning how to feed your body so it’ll do what you need it to do. It’s being a bit more relaxed about the way you take care of yourself.”

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