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Anime as a Guide to Help Us Learn Japanese Language

By Tlb

To study Japanese in Japan is typically the most effective way to learn Japanese since the language is usually learned effectively by using immersion as a learning method. This may even be considered as the only way to acquire the maximum results to effectively learn Japanese language.

Or is it not?

learn japanese with anime

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Do you know that teenagers nowadays who are so hooked with anime make an effective way to learn Japanese successfully? For years, anime has been identified with Japan, and its level of influence has reached to “the ends of the earth”. Since the genre of the animation is portrayed in pure Japanese ambiance and culture, it will actually help learners easily embrace the language’s concept.

According to Dan Hope, anime was pioneered by Osamu Tezuka and other Japanese animators, and it continues to enjoy popularity throughout Japan. And yes, I personally agree that anime can become an effective and entertaining way to improve the system a learner can learn Japanese.

Though it is practically not the best effective way to depend your learning on these anime since the vocabulary they use might not be common words for everyday conversation, still, there are some who really find great dialogues suitable to be used in a regular discussion.

I personally have been hooked with these Japanese anime films and series. When I was younger, I really love Kenshin, Miaka, and the Hunter X Hunter characters. Since I get so hooked with these anime, I tend to memorize their lines, especially those that highlights their character. Since I am also to singing, their opening and closing songs are usually what I memorize. Subconsciously, the passions I render to these anime make a positive respond to easily learn Japanese. This is indeed a very helpful way for learners to acquire Japanese when they love a culture related to Japanese, and we cannot deny that anime is already part of the Japanese culture.

So if you are currently interested to take foreign language courses related to Japanese, allow anime to sink in to your system as well. Mind you, it is going to be an effective way to let you learn the language easily. Try it yourself.

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