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Anheuser-Busch Buys Domain, Registers BestDamn.Beer For Apple Ale

Posted on the 18 September 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Anheuser-Busch, LLC has purchased the domain name with the help of domain buy service The Treadstone Group, Inc. / Ross Bulla about July 27, 2015 according to whois records. The domain has been registered since June 23, 2000 and prior whois records showed the domain owned by “Best Damn Dot Com” and a registrant email address of “[email protected]

To go along with the domain name, Anheuser-Busch also registered the new gTLD domain name BestDamn.Beer in an apparent use ON the bottle of the new Best Damn Apple Ale beer?

An image of the beers future label on MyBeerBuzz, shows the “top label” of a beer bottle:


Although somewhat hard to read IMO, I put a white arrow point to it and the call to action states: “To learn more about this delicious brew, check us out @ BestDamn.Beer”

Anheuser-Busch registered BestDamn.Beer on July 8, 2015 according to whois records.  The domain name resolved but goes to a blank white page.  However Since the image from MyBeerBuzz, shows the new gTLD domain BestDamn.Beer, it appears they potentially are going to use the new gTLD in advertising at least on the bottle.

However the domain name starts with an @ symbol on the label, which isn’t good, because @ is an invalid character in the domain… so if some buzzed sole is trying to visit they won’t get far!  If people take it as a Twitter address @bestdamn they will wind up a sports podcast site.

The other potential problem I see with the label, the font used IMHO makes the MN look like MM.

On another image on MyBeerBuzz, is the main front label, which states Best Damn Brewing Co as the companies name. The similar domain is not registered and is available but is registered an owned by Anheuer-Busch. is not registered.

The domain name is registered but not owned by Anheuser-Bush.

However is not registered, nor is or

Since the .beer and many more gTLD’s are new, with the majority of people not knowing they are even actually a domain name… I think it’s vital that companies using them in advertising are very clear, they are a domain name! Sadly, for now, this includes adding a  www. to the domain name so instead of putting @ BestDamn.Beer … for safety and effectiveness, I would put “find out more at www.BestDamn.Beer”.

So it appears that is going to be the “main domain” as it resolves to a teaser page currently and interestingly enough, resolves to the exact same page as does?

BestDamn.Beer potentially is going to be used for advertising on the bottle and potentially cans and other places?

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