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Angry Birds 2 Teased

By Boxmash
Angry Birds 2 teased

After 14 games and 2 billion downloads we have the true follow up to Angry Birds, Angry Birds 2. While more details about the game will be revealed in July this teaser poster does give a feel for how the game will look and play.

First thing that strikes you is that the cast is largely unchanged, with the usual line-up of birds heading off to a new adventure. What is new is the promise of a Bigger, Badder and Birdier experience. Whether this is simply marketing speak or an actual hint about the content of the game remains to be seen.

One possibility is that this may relate to the Lego Angry Birds announcement of physical Lego toys being released to support the movie later in the year. Perhaps there will even be a proper entry into the Toys to Life race with some kind of upgraded Telepod technology.

Either way, it will be exciting to see what big leap forward Rovio have to unveil at events in New York and Sanfrancisco.

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