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Anger at Moved Solar Feed-in-Tariff Drop Date

Posted on the 13 May 2013 by Ecoexperts @TheEcoExperts

Anger at Moved Solar Feed-in-Tariff Drop DateSolar traders have expressed anger at the news the amount of money you can earn from solar panels will drop in July, when it was not meant to happen until August.

Currently householders can earn 15.44p/kWh if they have a smaller than 4kW installation, this will drop to a 14.9p/kWh feed-in-tariff a month earlier than planned.

The move once again highlighted fears and annoyance that the government’s refusal to set a clear and long-term energy agenda is detrimental to the green industry.

The feed-in-tariffs for solar PV installations will be cut depending on the size of panel.

A spokesperson from The EcoExperts said: “Solar panels still offer a fantastic ROI, as even though the amount of money you can earn from them will decrease slightly, the actual cost of a panel is dropping all the time.

“However, the fact the DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) have brought forward the date by a month is incredibly annoying. To get the economy booming again we need clear long term strategies to encourage investment and consumer confidence."

The DECC said the new date was down to administration changes in order to bring the degression quarters in line with the FiTs quarters; so that they are the same dates.

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