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Angel Kisses

By Rachel Rachelhagg @thehaggerty5

The kitchen sink in our new home immediately caught my attention. It was the exact same farmhouse sink that was in our older home. The home that housed demons and bad memories. The home that I am still recovering from. 

I knew standing at this sink would be very different. Very healing. So I trusted God to heal me as I washed the same dishes in the same sink. I trusted angelic activity would replace the demonic here.

Months past and soon we found ourselves gathered around the wood stove on Christmas break. With a Christmas movie playing, we sat on the plush rug and began relaxing. 

I noticed our oldest son Asher looking into the hallway with a puzzled face. He turned to me and asked:


” Momma, who is here? A girl is dancing in the hallway. “

I walked into the hallway to see nothing but a kiss on the stairwell:


Asher began to explain to me that the girl was wearing purple pants that were tight, and he knew she was worshiping as she danced.

 The Supernatural is very real in our home, and in yours. For me, its a normal day , and if I’m being honest …at times I take it for granted. I never mean to, and I want to get back to the thankful spirit I had when it first began.

It was a treat having our children ask questions about what Asher saw, and about the kiss in the hallway. Which by the way is not one of the girls kiss prints. The kiss is too tall, impossible for the girls to reach without me seeing them. They both told the truth when they said it was not them.

( Momma knows when they lie. )

Though the thought crossed my mind that it could have been heaven invading earth yet again here, I never said a word to the kids about the possibility of it being their sister in heaven. After a few minutes our middle child Rhema said:

” I miss my sister Haddy in heaven. Do you think it was her seeing us?”

The wonderful part is that I do not know that answer, not unless God reveals to me it was her. Until then I am going to be thankful that our children are able to see into the spirit, and that I have  the opportunity to speak to them openly about it. I’m thankful they talk to me about what they see, so they can grow deeper with the Lord.

I’ll leave that kiss for as long as it will stay. For if it was my girl, she’s here in my heart forever. I think about her a lot during this Christmas season. Her first Christmas in heaven must be fantastic with her big brother.

Kisses back to you from Momma down here my loves. 

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