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Anders Breivik's Father Jens, "My Son Should Have Killed Himself."

Posted on the 26 July 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
...and considering what his son Anders did, you can understand such a comment from Jens Breivik, his father.
But let's look at all the possible motives for this public statement, let's see if we can't shine some re-polarised light on this seemingly clear-cut case of parental shame.
Remember Gareth Williams, the murdered MI6 and GCHQ code breaker?
I was listening to Irish alternative radio Sovereign Independent hosted by Neil Foster last night and their guest was David Hawkins (and Field McConnell) of the Abel Danger 'forensic economist' team. After talking, at length about how the IRA was set up by the same people who pulled off 9-11, Hawkins turned the conversation to the recent atrocity in Norway, the 1,500-page manifesto (written in almost perfect English with a smattering of 'excellent Latin'), the enormous bombing in central Oslo and the heartless slaughter with machine guns on the island of Utoya.
David Hawkins suggested that the island incident was TAGGED ONTO Anders Brievik's original bombing mission.
Hawkins contention is it's payback for the Gareth Williams torture-murder warning MI6 received. And it may contain its own kind of sick intelligence logic. For those of you out there who understand this terminology, Hawkins used the summary, "It was a man-in-the-middle attack on the man in the middle."
According to Hawkins, the BOMBING was the real gig. That should have been it, a warning to the Norwegian government. The way the IRA worried Thatcher's Britain.
According to Hawkins, the mass murder on Utoya Island was TAGGED ON AFTER THE EVENT by the good guys. The same good guys who were threatened so graphically with the broadcast screams of their colleague Gareth Williams, who may have stumbled across (and decoded) evidence of global collusion for profit in the 9-11 and 7-7 atrocities. According to Hawkins, the idea of the additional mission, arranged by infiltration of something called the PKI network, was to expose the (child trafficking?) OATH TAKING ceremonies that take place in these private political gatherings, ref: Bohemian Grove.
According to Hawkins, bizarre ritualistic parties like these are where the budding politicians and corporate heads of the future are 'harvested' and 'held to ransom' in their positions of power.
Hawkins mentioned the Bullingdon Club in Oxford where mavericks David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson resided. He then went on to mention something I'd never heard of, the Piers Gaveston Society, some sort of debauched club where posh-party-goers let their hair down proper. And it reminded me of one train trip I took with my family up the Cotswold Line one autumn where RAUCOUS TOFFS got on at Charlbury (in Cameron country).
Then I remembered who'd been playing a MAJOR ROLE in the attempted assassination of the Murdoch Media Empire; Ian Hislop and Hugh Grant are both associated with the Piers Gaveston Club as are other global financial magnates.
So, back to the original statement, "My son should have killed himself," and had he done this, the additional infiltration plot to murder some kids and expose a Global Sexual Extortion Racket would never have been exposed. The manifesto would never have been found. Hannibal Lecter would never have had his day in court. On this point, the trial of self-confessed KNIGHT OF MALTA Anders Breivik (who likes to dress in Masonic uniforms) is to be held in SECRET where most Norwegians would like the trial to be totally public. And, yes, all the (intentionally?) released pin-up pictures of Anders Breivik do look HEAVILY PHOTOSHOPPED.
Me, I have no idea about any of this insane conspiracy stuff; I'm just reporting what my ears picked up. What do you'all think? Valid? Irrational?

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