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And Yet Another Threat in MN of Gun Violence

Posted on the 02 June 2011 by Mikeb302000
So, here is a question for readers.  If this man is found to have indeed been involved in a physical domestic abuse as reported here, which may or may not be a felony, for having (allegedly) threatened her and possibly a child with a gun, but not actually shooting anyone (so far anyway), should he lose his gun rights for the rest of his life?
Anyone want to comment on the pros and cons of this threat if it comes from a LEGAL gun?
For those of you who believe that gun violence is primarily a problem of slums, let me point out that Mendota Heights is one of the wealthiest communities in MN, although by no means is everyone who lives there wealthy.  There are many modest middle class homes as well, but no slums.  It's where I grew up; I know it well.
From the June 1, 2011 STrib:

Mendota Heights town homes evacuated because of domestic dispute

Residents in 36 town homes in Mendota Heights were being kept out of their homes late Wednesday night while police tried to negotiate with man who reportedly was armed with a gun.
The man's girlfriend called police about 4:30 p.m. to report a physical domestic dispute at the home on the 2400 block of Lexington Av. and told the emergency dispatcher that the man was going to get a gun, said Mendota Police Chief Mike Aschenbrener said. The woman left the house with a small child.
Aschenbrener said the man called 911 and then hung up. Police evacuated the neighbors, surrounded the house and have tried to contact the man throughout the evening, Aschenbrener said. "So far, he doesn't want to talk," Aschenbrener said.
Police don't believe anyone else is in the house.

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