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And There Was This Murder Suicide A Few Months Ago in Alabama

Posted on the 18 January 2012 by Mikeb302000
Just to raise that awareness about murder suicides by shooting, and mass shootings.  Lets look at the reality of gun violence, and not the fantasies about DGUs. that exist in the imagination of gun nuts, but not in real occurrences with anything like the same frequency.  Guns are killing people, not defending people.
That is true across ages, economic and other social demographics.  Guns kill people, people using guns kill people, and fewer people would kill people WITHOUT the availability of so many guns.
From CBS8 / WAKA news:
Murder Suicide Investigation Underway In Georgiana
From the CBS 8 South Alabama Newsroom -- A love triangle ends tragically in Georgiana. The Butler Co. Sheriff says two men are dead and one woman was severely beaten.
It all started around 11:00 Wednesday morning when authorities arrived to a home on Rocky Lane in Georgiana. Sheriff Kenny Harden says inside they found 55-year-old Edna Crenshaw brutally beaten and 76-year-old Willie Hall shot and killed. Harden says moments later, they discovered Fred Walton shot and killed on his own front lawn across town.
At this point, authorities believe Walton took his own life, after leaving Crenshaw's home but the case is still under investigation.
Family members tells us Hall and Crenshaw were married but had been separated. They tell us Walton was Crenshaw's boyfriend.
"It is just unbelievable because he's not a person that would of did something like this. He's always been a good person," says Laquita Pate.
"You never know what to say about something like this I mean you lose a friend. It's sad anytime something like this happens, I don't care who it is. We've got families that are hurt on both sides. We've got two people that have been killed and one who has been beaten so a lot of families have been touched by this," says Harden.
Authorities say Crenshaw suffered head wounds and was air lifted to Baptist Medical Center South in Montgomery.
The rest of us deserve to be FREE of gun violence! People with guns - legal guns and illegal guns - cross the line of their rights to trampling our rights, OUR FREEDOM, every time one of these shootings occur. And these shootings occur far more often than any defensive gun use.  It's time to regulate, control, limit according to the reality, not the gun loons fantasies.  It's time for us to be really free - free of GUN VIOLENCE and the oppression of guns.
The argument about dealing with these crimes AFTERWARDS is too little too late, it is inadequate and it steals OUR FREEDOM, it makes us unsafe.

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